Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Bible's Greatest Miracle - how it works.

1. If you are a Christian, read the Bible over and over. Read every word, every sentence, every verse. Read all the books in the Bible.
2. Soon, you will either turn into

a) Atheist, b) Muslim or c) Unsound Mind

That's the Bible's greatest miracle

Most ex-Christians, especially those who knew the Bible by hearts either became Atheists, Muslims or unsound mind


For example, ask these questions, then answer them yourselves

Who is God? Jesus. Where did Jesus come from? From his Father? Who is his Father? God. How many Gods? One - repeat the process and you will start to feel the wonder of madness sipping through your body


Who is Mary? She is Jesus' mother. Who is Jesus? he is God who creates everything? Who creates Mary? more stupid question !!!!


Is Jesus God? Yes? Does God pray? No. Did Jesus pray? Yes. Whom did Jesus pray to? Jesus prayed to God the Father. How many Gods? One. Who is God? Jesus.

repeat and the warm of madness will slowly creep to your soul...


Jesus was not made into God. He was already God. Was Jesus already God when he was in the womb? - no answer
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